About Us

We are a lead search agency on a mission to keep the complex world of search simple.

Beyond Digital

The connection between humans and technology is becoming less visible and more embedded into our psyche.

Digital is now the natural human extension that defines our abilities to navigate a world of excess information, rapid connectivity and constant innovation.

By using the power of analytics and optimization we convert singular human journeys into valuable brand experiences that enable growth, improve mobility and strengthen consumer relations.

The First Crank

Ever since the beginning people have always been at the foundation of what makes Rank Crankers unique.

Founded in 2009 by Chris Gauron, Rank Crankers aims to bring a transparent approach to search and digital marketing strategy. Joined by partners Matt O’Laughlin and Andy Glennon in 2012, we’ve built a culture of camaraderie and innovation. We stay informed and keep our clients educated, enabling their business to get ahead of the game. We are fueled by endless curiosity and constant attention to detail.

Today, we serve some of the biggest agencies in the Twin Cities area along with a growing list of diverse clients from the medical industry to education, B2B and cosmetics. As we continue to grow, it is our mission to keep the complex world of SEO both simple and human.


Say hello to the experienced leaders of our methodical and innovative team of search marketers.

Partner & CFO
Andy Glennon
Partner & COO
Matt O’Laughlin
Founder & CEO
Chris Gauron

"Rank Crankers’ team stays on top of the latest industry knowledge and keeps me and my business informed through consultation and expertise"

Nadine Gregerson | Associate Manager, Digital Demand Generation | Tennant Company

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