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Case Study: Center for Diagnostic Imaging

Consolidating 190 Websites into a Single Domain & the Success Behind It

Client Overview

Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) provides medical imaging solutions throughout the United States.

Today, they operate one of the nation’s largest provider networks for diagnostic imaging, interventional radiology and mobile imaging services. Rank Crankers was approached to support CDI’s efforts to launch a single, measurable brand site experience. Their request included three distinct efforts:

Website Consolidation Graphic
  • Consolidate CDI’s current web properties, 190 websites and their ranking value, into a single
  • Establish a single source for site measurement.
  • Optimize new content on for search.


  • Analytics & Measurement
  • Strategic SEO

Client Segments:

  • Diagnostic Imaging Provider
  • Health Care

Project Goal

Streamline a complex digital ecosystem delivering an enriched experience for patients that is measurable for CDI.


CDI has a small but growing digital marketing team. A flexible engagement was required, one where we could quickly make the biggest impact given shifting timelines and priority projects.

With the CDI team focused on design and content, the development team focused on the site build, and a fast approaching deadline for the new site launch, it was imperative that we monitor blind spots; quickly and thoughtfully discussing SEO implications at critical moments in the project.


  • Elevate and modernize the internal conversation at CDI around analytics and measurement
  • Create a single source of truth for CDI’s digital measurement
  • Determine the ranking value of each of CDI’s 190 existing domains
  • Transfer the significant ranking value of each legacy domain to the new unified domain –
  • Deliver a measurement solution that would allow CDI’s marketing team to scrutinize metrics with accuracy and confidence, creating long-term efficiencies and improved business decisions
  • Understand the digital value of existing traditional marketing tactics: print, radio, out-of-home and partnerships with local professional sports teams

Our Approach

  • Identified Google Analytics as the most efficient analytics product that would fulfill CDI’s site requirements and provide a single source of truth for measurement and analysis.
  • Using historical ranking data and site analytics, we determined which existing site content would be worth carrying over to the new unified domain.
  • Implemented Google Tag Manager to empower CDI’s marketing team to deploy common tracking requirements without the need for a technical resource.
  • Developed a process to ensure traditional marketing efforts were connected to digital goals.

Results & Insights

Organic traffic increased 34% in just the first three months following launch.

The launch of included valuable site content from the existing 190 domains, a tag management solution for on-going tracking needs and a robust analytics implementation allowing CDI to confidently measure their web property and utilize that data to make key business decisions.

  • We delivered a measurable and future proof way to critique the value of each domain owned by CDI by implementing redirect tracking to and creating a baseline evaluation of the initial SEO equity from each legacy domain.
  • Organic traffic increased 34% in just the first three months following the launch of
  • Since the implementation of Google Tag Manager, CDI’s marketing team has saved thousands of dollars in development costs.
  • The confidence and accuracy in data collection since site launch has led to a 3x increase in the number of regional markets participating in digital advertising.
  • The results of those regional programs have provided more measurement and insight than traditional marketing.
  • The creation of a digital measurement process for offline marketing tactics now allows CDI to accurately measure the impact of traditional channels against digital goals.

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