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Faribault Woolen Mill


The Faribault Woolen Mill endures as one of the last vertical woolen mills in America. Here, fifth generation craftspeople take raw wool and create blankets, throws, scarves and accessories of remarkable comfort and quality. Irreplaceable century-old machinery stands side by side with modern technology in their “new” mill, which was built in 1892.

FWM came to Rank Crankers looking to improve an ailing paid search channel. We were tasked with auditing the existing paid search account and growing the channel.

Project Goal:

Uncover new revenue opportunities while maintaining a 220% return on ad spend (ROAS) goal


Paid Search

  • Ecommerce
  • Soft Goods
  • Retail
  • FWM gave us freedom to manage the account as we proposed with the caveat of hitting a 220% return on ad spend goal.
  • Strip an overly complex account down to its core elements and rebuild it around efficient keywords.
  • We re-structured the account to more closely group sets of related keywords.
  • We rewrote ad copy to align more closely with search intent.
  • We focused on conversion rate optimizations to deliver the highest return on investment.
  • We created an environment to effectively test various optimization hypotheses.
When we took over the campaign we quickly realized there were two major issues.

The first was 93% of active keywords in the account had not received a single impression in the past 12 months. The inherited account build was over-thought, to its own detriment. The second was ecommerce tracking was not working. For added complexity, there was also a site redesign in the works. We needed to develop a solution that was mindful of the long-term changes to the site, but also solve our immediate need to fill gaps in data.

Results & Insights

  • Return on ad spend (ROAS) reached 280%, exceeding the original goal (220%) by 27%.
  • Conversions and revenue increased every month from April through December.
  • The conversion rate for paid search was 92% better than conversion rate for organic traffic.


Rank Crankers | FWM Case Study Results

Paid Search Performance

(First 9 Months)

Rank Crankers | FWM Case Study Results


Through testing, we identified promotional ad copy had a 24% lift in conversion rate over standard ad copy.

Click Conversion Rate

Promo Copy vs. Standard Copy (Nov-Dec)

Rank Crankers | FWM Case Study Results